City & Guilds Culinary Program

City & Guilds is the most prominent institution of the world in the field of cookery due to its structure, education programs, instructors and high standards.

It is a vocational education organization authorized to issue internationally-valid vocational qualification certificates and accredit education institutions with over 100 years of experience in education and training.

Founded in 1878 by the order of Queen Victoria of England, City & Guilds is under the auspices of the British Monarchy.

The Al-Kafaàt Chef Ramzi Catering School is the only Catering School in Lebanon accredited to offer the renowned City & Guilds British Certification.

The internationally acclaimed qualifications offered by City & Guilds are ideal for anyone looking for a successful career in food preparation and cooking, from beginners to experienced Culinary Arts Professionals who wish to move into a more advanced role.

A great number of universally famous chefs have City & Guilds certificate. Some of the celebrity executive chefs include Michelin Star Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal and our very own, Ramzi Choueiri.

At the Al-Kafaàt Chef Ramzi Culinary School we offer Levels 1 and 2 in Food Preparation and Cooking, Level 2 in Pâtisserie and Level 3 in Cookery Supervision. Students enrolled in the Program are monitored by the official Dubai-based City & Guilds accredited body SCAFA.

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